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Is QIKPAC safe?

Is QIKPAC safe? It must always be recognised that whilst safe to use, Li-ion batteries always have a very small risk of thermal runaway, albeit

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What are GST08 cables?

What are GST08 cables? GST08 cables are cables used with the ANIMATE system to transport the low-voltage energy between elements (e.g. between the QF30 PSU,

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how QIKPAC powers TVs


QIKPAC manual


QIKPAC batteries contain Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) cells which are classed as hazardous materials. As such they are individually packed in UN38.3 compliant packaging. They should be kept in that packaging until they are either fitted in the furniture or get to the site for use. There are strict rules around shipping Li-ion battery using air freight and you should consult with your freight forwarder – we can supply UN38.3 certificates.


QIKPACs required to power the below for:

2 Hours

QIKPACs (ie 200 Wh)
Total Energy required (Wh)
large phone
small phone