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• Choice of AC sockets, AV and data solutions 

Add TUF-R HP or 25W USB modules with TUF | PROTECT

QIKTRAY compatible

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Product Description

POWERBOX, as its name implies, is simple in design, but packs a punch. Customizable up to nine feet in length and made from extruded aluminum, POWERBOX can accommodate power, USB charging, data/AV, and specialty devices such as switches and over current protection.

With multiple mounting options, POWERBOX has virtually limitless possibilities. Think beyond office furniture. For example, when mounted vertically, POWERBOX is particularly suitable for racks or server cabinets. A true workhorse of the OE portfolio.

We test every pin on every connection in every socket

All units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

  • cord options: POWERBOX is wired standard with a 108” 14/3 SJT cord to a NEMA plug. Available by special order with a 32” 14/3 SJT cord to a male GST or male GST inlet. A starter cord is required for GST options: 72” or 108” 14/3 SJT cord with female GST connector, NEMA plug, and integral OCP standard.
  • materials – body and fascias – polycarbonate

all your questions answered


What can be specified in POWERBOX’s apertures?


Any combination of AC units, data/AV modules or a TUF module from the TUF range. Units may also be configured with control devices.


Is POWERBOX compatible with QIKTRAY?


Yes POWERBOX is compatible with QIKTRAY


How can POWERBOX mount onto surfaces?


Unique slide-on mounting clips allow for fixing on a wide variety of mounting applications. 

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