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Whether working from home or in the office, with OE’s personalized power options, you can create the ideal inline solution for your workspace.

OE designs products that make working easier and more productive.  Our flexible inline solutions, with an array customizable options, allow you to choose and configure power perfectly suited to you.

Create your perfect combination of on-surface power, below-surface power and cable management solutions!

Choose ANY OE Power Solution!

Choose from our expansive range of on-surface options and customize with your choice of mains power, USB charging and data. Not to mention, a choice of vibrant color options across most of our portfolio!

Add Power Below Surface

Add power below surface for additional outlets or to free your workspace of power completely…

Add Cable Management Solutions

Maintaining a neat and organized workspace is essential to creating a safe and productive environment.  For sit/stand desks, cable management is critical to prevent snags and unintended disconnects.

Pulse Inline Kit

PULSE “floats” above the work surface giving it less visual weight and making it a great choice in a modern working environment.

Panda/Polar Inline Kit

PANDA / POLARICE is the go-to option for convenient, accessible power.

Phase Inline Kit

PHASE is compact but powerful and is able to be on surface or below surface!

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