All from one starter cord...

Feed up to a maximum of 8 x NEMA receptacles using a single starter cord. Simply plug your starter cord into any available NEMA 5-15 wall or floor socket to power your furniture!

USB fast chargers may be used in greater numbers than Nema sockets, giving further flexibility to your projects!

Here's how it works.

A simple solution.

OE’s soft-corded pluggable solution allows for ultimate flexibility. It’s as simple as plug and play using our GST connectors and OCP starter cords to power your furniture.

2 Way Adapter

For those busy meeting areas, powering laptops, tablets, and phones are easy. Use a 2-way adapter to power two units (8 outlets) from a single starter cord.

…Alternatively, you can use multiple 2 way adapters and interconnecting cords to link up to 8 Nema sockets.

3 Way Adapter

For larger spaces, such as grouped workstations or breakout areas, OE’s pluggable solutions negate the need for multiple starter cords. Simply connect your choice of power units with our 3 way adapter and power a whole team!

5 Way Adapter

Connect five power units from a single starter cord. The Perfect option for shared furniture serving large teams.

Pluggable Components

2 Way Adapter

OE’s 2-way adapter allows you to branch our pluggable solution in 2 directions (1 in 2 out.)

3 Way Adapter

OE’s 3-way adapter allows you to branch our pluggable solution in 3 directions (1 in 3 out.)

5 Way Adapter

OE’s 5 way adapter allows you to branch our pluggable solution in 5 directions (1 in 5 out.)

GST Connection

The male & female GST connectors are the heart of OE’s pluggable solutions making Plug-and-Play possible.

Starter Cord

As the name states the starter cord is the first piece of the solution connecting directly to 110 mains power with a Nema plug.

Interconnecting Cord

Interconnecting cords offer flexibility, allowing you to add length or link from adapter to adapter.

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