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pluggable solutions


all from a single starter cord...

With OE’s soft-corded GST pluggable solution you can interconnect up to 8 power units from a single starter cord! Meaning you can set up your workspace exactly how you need it.

The best part? Our solution is incredibly simple to use. Just plug the starter cord into any wall or floor socket, and connect each power unit using our interconnecting cords and adapter blocks. It really is that simple to power up your space.

how it works...

2 Way Adapter

Powering meeting areas and conference tables has never been easier. Use a 2-way adapter to power two OE units from a single starter cord.

…or use multiple 2 way adapters and interconnecting cords to link up to 8 units.

3 Way Adapter

For increased capacity, where more power units are required, OE’s pluggable solutions negate the need for multiple starter cords. Simply connect your choice of power units with our 3 way adapter and power up an entire team!

5 Way Adapter

Connect five power units from a single starter cord for shared furniture serving large teams.

pluggable components

2 Way Adapter

OE’s 2-way adapter allows you to branch our pluggable solution in 2 directions (1 in 2 out.)

3 Way Adapter

OE’s 3-way adapter allows you to branch our pluggable solution in 3 directions (1 in 3 out.)

5 Way Adapter

OE’s 5 way adapter allows you to branch our pluggable solution in 5 directions (1 in 5 out.)

GST Connection

The male & female GST connectors are the heart of OE’s pluggable solutions making Plug-and-Play possible.

Starter Cord

As the name states the starter cord is the first piece of the solution connecting directly to 110 mains power with a Nema plug.

Interconnecting Cord

Interconnecting cords offer flexibility, allowing you to add length or link from adapter to adapter.

get in touch & find out how OE can power your project!