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Custom Design

OE has a long history of assisting clients to design and manufacture their own connectivity solutions, not just by reconfiguring our own products to suit a specific application but also to create completely new products, for their sole use, allowing them to create solutions in harmony with their own product ranges.

From airport seating to laboratories and from conference desk to trading desk we have helped whole industries create their own look and feel, while keeping all the functionality for a global marketplace.

Please feel free to contact our design team below who will be able to guide you through the design process and answer any questions you may have.

Custom Monitor Arm Unit

Using OE components and expertise, the customer was able to design and build a new unit specifically for their monitor arms

Custom Security Cable Grommet

We were tasked with designing a desk cable grommet which could also be used secure laptops to the desk

Custom Airport Seating Power Solution

We worked very closely with the furniture manufacturer to aid them in producing a complete power delivery system for their airport seating. This included replaceable USB charging

Custom Power and Data Delivery

We provided expertise, components and manufacturing to allow the customer to supply a unique Power and Data solution for their Tube Stations.

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