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TUF-R® A+C 25W



• 25W of power 

• Compatible with most OE products

• Internal overload protection

Product Highlights

Product Description

TUF-R® A+C 25W is our patented, USB fast charging module. Place your device on charge for just ten minutes to boost your battery by 20%*. TUF’s Intelligent Device Recognition (IDR) ensures your device is charged at the optimal level in the shortest time. You can also enjoy an industry-first reversible USB-A port when charging your devices with TUF-R® A+C 25W! The USB module is replaceable; so you can maximize the lifespan of your space and cut costs. 

You can mount TUF-R® A+C 25W in-surfaces with ease – see POP Or, the module can be fitted into almost any OE power unit.

TUF-R® A+C 25W has enough power to charge hand-held devices such as phones, tablets, and headphones. For an in-depth look at TUF-R® A+C 25W check out the landing page.

*download the datasheet for more information

We test every pin on every connection in every socket

All units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

all your questions answered


How many insertions has the module been tested to withstand?


TUF-R® A+C has been independently tested to over 10,000 insertions.


What is the difference between TUF-R® A+C and TUF-R®/HP?


TUF-R® A+C provides 25W of power – suitable to charge mobile devices. TUF-R®/HP delivers up to 72W of power – suitable to charge mobile devices and laptops. Find out more about our TUF modules

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