ANIMATE by OE powers furniture with its unique collection of batteries, high power USB chargers, wireless chargers and more!

Completely mobile power
for completely mobile furniture

Can furniture be truly mobile if it has to be plugged in?

With ANIMATE, your furniture gets all the benefits of being plugged in…without the plug!

Integrate ANIMATE into your furniture to provide power for laptops, phones and other devices and even power LED lighting, WiFi extenders and more. All supported by OE’s proprietary system of QIKPAC BATTERIES.

what is animate?

ANIMATE breaks convention when it comes to bringing power to your space. OE’s ANIMATE range combines a flexible battery solution in QIKPAC, with an innovative range of modular power and USB charging solutions to create truly agile furniture that provide power to the user wherever they choose to sit, stand or walk.

With a range of solutions including HIGH POWER USB CHARGERS for 60W USB-C laptop charging and the latest in lithium-ion battery technology, OE’s ANIMATE range allows OEMs the freedom to design furniture without being held back by cables and cords.

ANIMATE: bringing furniture to life!


QIKPAC CARRY combines our 240Wh li-ion battery and high power USB charging module TUF-HP in a neat, portable housing. 

Take your power with you (even outdoors) and keep your devices charged all day without having to find an outlet.


Unleash the power of ANIMATE. This compact component provides a combination of USB-C and USB-A to the user at a maximum output of 72W – perfect for laptop charging alongside cell phones and other smaller devices.

TUF-HP is available in other form factors and can be used across the entire OE range of products.

QIKPAC Battery

With 240 watt hours of power, ANIMATE’s QIKPAC BATTERY can provide power to multiple laptops and cell phones off a single cycle. Furniture OEMs can link multiple QIKPAC batteries together to provide power to multiple users in larger furniture such as mobile pods or booths.

QIKPAC is the core of the ANIMATE range. Combine it with other ANIMATE components to build a high-power solution that works for you.

QIKPAC Charging Cart

Experience all-day portable power with QIKPAC Charging carts for QIKPAC CARRY. These convenient carts make it easy for reception areas to welcome workers and guests, students and teachers to move around campuses freely, and facility managers to quickly provide power to events without worrying about extension cords. With 12 or 24 charging shoes, these carts can keep multiple devices charged throughout the day. They sit on top of four casters and can be easily rolled out in the morning and stored away at night. Checkout and return processes are simple thanks to the ergonomic design.

animate in action


Let ANIMATE power your height-adjustable tables. A single QIKPAC BATTERY can power the sit/stand motor, a wireless phone charger and OE’s TUF High-Power USB charger for laptops and other devices. Leaving the table completely untethered from mains electricity and ready for use.

ANIMATE can be integrated directly into the furniture via QIKPAC or combined with QIKPAC CARRY and QIKDOC to allow the user to power the furniture themselves.


From small, mobile stools to large meeting booths, ANIMATE is scalable to meet your furniture design no matter the size. QIKPAC BATTERIES can be linked to provide all the power you need and combined with other elements of the ANIMATE range such as QF TUF-R/HP to provide users with powerful USB charging for laptops and other devices.

Charge QIKPAC overnight to be used again and again...

QIKPAC Charger Base

When the QIKPAC BATTERIES are depleted, they can be recharged with the QIKPAC CHARGER BASE. This user-friendly charger base is designed to charge three QIKPAC BATTERY (or QIKPAC CARRY) units at one time. And multiple charger bases can be connected together and powered from a single NEMA plug. Furniture OEMs can use the QIKPAC CHARGING SHOE to design their own charging carts of up to 24 battery units. Contact us to learn more.

Easily remove QIKPAC to use somewhere new

QIKPAC Removal Tool

For QIKPAC BATTERIES integrated into furniture, the handy QIKPAC REMOVAL TOOL makes light work of “ejecting” the batteries. Once removed from the furniture, the QIKPAC BATTERIES can be charged using the QIKPAC CHARGER BASE. In instances where removing the batteries may not be suitable, the IEC or GST entry options can be built into the furniture. This way, a simple IEC or GST cord (sold by OE) can be used to plug the furniture directly into a NEMA outlet to recharge.

animate components

Every part of the ANIMATE range can be purchased individually, allowing you to build a custom solution for your furniture.

See below for a summary of parts that makes up the ANIMATE collection.

IEC Entry

Charge or run your OE ANIMATE install using an C13 IEC cable

GST Entry

Charge or run your OE ANIMATE install using a GST 18i3 cable


The QIKPAC REMOVAL TOOL is designed to allow easy removal of QIKPAC BATTERIES.


The QF TUF-R/HP REMOVAL TOOL is designed to allow easy removal of a damaged module.


The TUF-R/HP REMOVAL TOOL was designed to allow easy removal of a damaged TUF-R/HP

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