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modular power, USB charging & Data/AV

A wide range of click & connect multinational AC power, USB charging options. Adding power to your furniture is stupidly simple with QIKFIT – designed with a fast & flexible installation in mind. Suitable for desks in offices, schools, and universities.

Qikfit modules

What is QikFit?

The QIKFIT system includes an extensive range of classic sockets, USB chargers and data / AV modules – all designed for flexible and quick installation. With a cut-out in metal or plastic housing, simply click in the required QIKFIT modules and connect them to the power supply or data cables.

Available in Nema, UK fused or unfused, Schuko, French/Belgian, Swiss and Australian. Our wide range of power, USB and AV availability can support your international projects. All modules are available in white or black finish.

All QIKFIT power modules have the internationally known GST 18i3 connectors as power input and output*. 

click & connect power that puts you in control

QIKFIT modules are safe & easy to install without an electrician. You can mount QIKFIT directly into your furniture or select & specify a QIKFIT power unit.

QIKFIT power modules

Connect QIKFIT Power Modules to each other or combine them with other products.

For more info on QIKFIT power modules click here.

QIKFIT USB modules

Connect QIKFIT Power Modules, to each other or combine them with other products.

QIKFIT Products

Specify with QIKFIT power and/or USB modular components


Yes. If you ever need to replace a damaged module or upgrade a configuration to meet new user needs, simply unplug the power cord, remove the redundant QikFit modules, and plug in the new modules.

Enjoy the advantages of QikFit for traditional in, on or under the table applications or specify QikFit system components   into our product housings: PACE, PARTNER and QIKBOX as well as into GENIE.

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