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power & charging solutions for lockers ​

popular power for lockers

quick & easy to install into lockers, link multiple OE power units with our soft-corded pluggable solutions.


Perfect for use in soft-seating, lockers and other ‘tricky-to-power’ spaces, PIP offers convenient mobile device charging in a 50mm diameter cutout. 


Offer high power USB charging in a compact rectangular housing suited to install in metal and laminate lockers, no external PSU required.

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Choose from our wide range of in-surface,  power solutions for compact, discreet power that can be used with lockers.

adding power to lockers is simple with our soft-corded pluggable system. 

Feed up to a maximum of 8 x NEMA receptacles using a single starter cord. Simply plug your starter cord into any available NEMA 5-15 wall or floor socket to power your furniture!

Find the perfect USB solution
for your project!

Don’t know which TUF module is right for you? Have a read though our comparison table; if you are still not sure chat to an expert here.



(TUF-R 25W 42mm)

  • reversible USB A+C
  • internal overload protection
  • replaceable module
  • intelligent device recognition
  • charge laptops


(QF05 TUF HP*, QF15 TUF HP, TUF-R HP 42mm*)

  • reversible USB A+C
  • internal overload protection
  • replaceable module*
  • intelligent device recognition
  • charge laptops

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