Can ANIMATE power my height-adjustable table?

The QIKPAC battery can power your height-adjustable table in a couple of different ways:
Integrated battery power – QIKPAC battery
By building batteries into the desk, you keep your furniture free of a mains cable and plug, and still provide power to the height-adjustable motor, user-facing DC outlets such as USB-C for charging laptops, and even low-voltage monitors.
Depending what you are powering and how long the furniture needs to be powered, multiple batteries can be integrated.
When the batteries need charging, a cable and plug is used to connect to mains and recharge the batteries (multiple batteries will charge off a single cable and plug.) Batteries can still be removed for service or replacement using OE’s proprietary QIKPAC Removal Tool.

Using QIKPAC CARRY alongside QIKDOC CONNECT your furniture is primed to be powered without cords and plugs. With QIKDOC CONNECT mounted in your height-adjustable table and connected to the power elements, the user can simply drop a QIKPAC CARRY into the dock and bring your furniture to life. No manual connection, pairing or on/off switch required.

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