At OE Electrics, we believe that power and charging solutions can enhance guest experience and improve brand loyalty. We help hotels, resorts and restaurants provide best in class charging solutions in the most essential areas of their spaces, to remove any stresses associated with a low battery.

Flexible Power

Our range of free-standing units provide a flexible solution to your charging needs. These simple plug-n-play units can be moved to wherever they are needed, bringing power sockets and USB charging ports to convenient, accessible locations.

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POSE can be manipulated into a suitable position for your charging needs. A unique solution to bring a single socket or twin USB to a convenient height – no more bending over or crawling around to find a socket.

POSE is a simple plug-n-play unit, with a standard mains cable and plug for a traditional wall socket or floor box.

PELICAN provides 3 sockets or 3 twin-USB ports, or any combination of the two, all on a single mains cable and plug. No need to worry whether the phone cable or laptop charger will reach the wall – PELICAN comes to you. Available in 35″ (900mm) height or 24″ (600mm) height to suit a variety of areas and uses, PELICAN makes access to power easy to find and easy to use.

Integrated Power

Our charging solutions are regularly integrated into soft seating furniture to ensure guests have easy access to convenient power and USB charging ports, even in more casual environments. Commonly used in lounge, foyer, lobby and other public areas.

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Small and compact, yet powerful and robust, pixelTUF integrates perfectly into soft seating furniture. Containing a power socket and twin-USB, pixelTUF allows guests to charge any device – phone, tablet or laptop. No more looking around for a wall socket or floor box, an integrated pixelTUF is right there when you need it in a soft seating environment. Perfect for public areas, foyers and lounges.

A single power socket or twin-USB can be integrated into furniture with PIP. An attractive bezel available in a range of colours can complement the furniture without detracting from the aesthetic. PIP offers a convenient, accessible charging solution in any environment, from bedside to foyer.

Wireless charging

Our wireless charger sits into an 3″ (80mm) grommet hole and almost flush to the surface, providing a discreet, subtle look. No wires, no cables, no fuss. ARC by OE Electrics offers best-in-class wireless charging speeds in an affordable package.

Specifically designed for use with market-leading mobile phones such as Apple and Samsung, ARC80 is among the world’s most powerful wireless chargers. Perfect for a quick top up on the move, ARC80 provides up to 10W of charging power, so guests receive the most charge from the shortest time. Using Qi certified technology, ARC80 offers the quality and safety associated with other OE products. ARC80 is designed to fit in a standard 3″ (80mm) grommet hole and sits almost flush with the surface, resulting in convenience for guests, without detracting from the look of the furniture. 

The ARC-H sub-surface wireless charger offers the ultimate charging experience. ARC-H is installed without the need to cut through the finished surface.

The unique magnetic alignment tool ensures the decal placement is correct every time. ARC-H fixes to the underside of your surface with screws or an adhesive pad.

ARC-H is one of the fastest sub-surface wireless chargers on the market providing a fast charge or quick boost when you need it most.


Public areas must provide adequate charging ports for multiple users and a variety of devices. Many OE Electrics products supply several charging ports from a single 110 mains socket. An ideal solution for communal tables, meeting or conference rooms, restaurants and other spaces that are used simultaneously by multiple guests.

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With its unique domed shape, PLUTO is a fan-favourite among customers across various market sectors. PLUTO offers 3 sockets or 3 twin-USB ports, or any combination of the two, so multiple users can charge their devices simultaneously. A perfect solution for communal tables or benches, meeting rooms and conference rooms, PLUTO makes sharing power a pleasure. Available in many colour finishes to match your space, PLUTO is also available with immersion transfer graphics or printed with a custom image or logo.

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There when you need it, hidden when you don’t, PANDORA is a discreet solution for meeting rooms, conference tables and communal tables. With the option of 3 power sockets or 3 twin-USB ports (or any combination of the two), PANDORA provides enough power to charge multiple devices simultaneously. When not in use, the unit rotates to a closed position, showing nothing more than a bezel and a cover sitting almost flush with the table surface.

USB Charging

At OE Electrics, we believe that convenient and accessible charging solutions can enhance guest experience and improve brand loyalty. We help hotels, resorts and restaurants provide best in class charging solutions in the most essential areas of their spaces, to remove any stresses associated with a low battery. All OE Electrics USB charging products are manufactured using TUF technology.

TUF-R® PD (25W) is our next generation USB fast charging module incorporating the latest Power Delivery technology and a world first reversible USB A port. The new TUF-R® PD (25W) USB charger enables mobile devices to charge at optimum speeds. For a low battery boost, a quick 10-minute charge is all that is needed to add around 20% for the latest phones. The A and C outlets have 3-4 supply voltages available depending on the device being charged. TUF’s Intelligent Device Recognition (IDR) ensures your device is charged at the optimal level in the shortest time.

What is USB-C?

Next generation USB connector significantly faster charge times than USB Type-A and often faster than wall charger Type-C is becoming the standard as Type-A is being phased out by manufacturers Already adopted in devices by Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Apple (MacBook) and more Lightning to Type-C cable available for iPhone & iPad (with faster charge times) Bi-directional for easy insertion – no more hassle and less chance of damage.

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From the moment you wake up to when we go to bed, your day is powered by technology. We believe everyone should have the power to keep their day going. This is why we developed the OE product range to power people’s lives in offices, libraries, airports, and schools across the globe. Our in-surface, on-surface, under-surface, anywhere and wireless power solutions keep you powered wherever you are!

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This page represents just a small selection of what OE has to offer. We also offer custom solutions and always welcome feedback. More products can be found on the link below.

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