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•Designed for use with Animate battery or mains power

• Available as clamp-on, screw mount and more

• Install on or under surface

Product Highlights

Product Description

Modern laptops charge via USB-C, meaning users are less likely to carry a traditional laptop charging brick and 3-pin plug, and instead will simply carry a USB-C cable.

As such, traditional outlets may not support user needs, and high-power USB charging ports provide a compact solution to this challenge.

The additional benefit is that PICCOLO can be powered from OE’s ANIMATE battery system for a fully cord-free installation.

Alternatively, PICCOLO can combine with OE’s power supply unit (QF30 PSU) to be powered from mains.
In both cases, multiple PICCOLO units can be connected together and powered by a single battery or mains starter cord.

In addition to its compact design, PICCOLO also offers multiple mounting options, including a clamp-mount and a screw mount, so PICCOLO can be installed in various orientations on a wide range of furniture applications.

We test every pin on every connection in every socket

All units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.

PICCOLO fitting instructions

PICCOLO Datasheet

  • cord options:  GST08 male to female leads are required to interconnect our DC power products such as the TUF-HP USB charger and QikFit 30 Power Supply. They are available in 0.5m (19.7”), 1m (39.4”), 1.5m (59.1”) and 2m (78.7”) lengths.
  • materials – high strength fire retardant polycarbonate

all your questions answered


How does Piccolo install?


Piccolo has several mount options: a screw mount for under-desk installation, a clamp-mount for desktop installation, a sticky fix alternate surface mount and a velcro mount for monitor arms or table legs


What is the power output?


When powered by an Animate battery, the max output is 150W shared between 2 x USB-C ports. When used with a power supply, the max is 70W shared.

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