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Vertical or Horizontal mounting
Less than 2” deep
Choice AC power sockets, TUF-R A+C 25W USB charger, and data/AV
Capable of custom lengths up to 9 ft

Slim and sleek POCO makes the most of your work surface. Less than 2” deep and with both horizontal or vertical mounting options, POCO is a great choice for personal or group power needs.

Built from extruded aluminum, POCO can reach lengths up to nine feet. Perfect for labs, study benches, or common areas. POCO can be customized to suit the exacting specifications of your project. Choose any combination of power, USB charging, data/AV, mounting orientation, and length. Let OE show you what is possible with POCO.

In those instances where work surface mounting is not an option, POCO mounts to screens and tool rails.

Available in silver, white, or black housings with black or gray fascias, POCO is an excellent option for your furniture.


Technical Info


Populate POCO’s apertures with any combination of:

– 53mm power sockets (66.25mm for UK), or
– TUF-R A+C 25W USB charger, or
– Data/AV
– Custom lengths up to 9 feet
POCO includes a unique full-length anti-flex locking system, which guarantees unit integrity, regardless of length.


Standard – Gray frames, gray sockets*, & end caps
Alternates – White frames & end caps with gray sockets*
– All black
Power cable – Black
*NEMA TR sockets – black only

Power and cord:

POCO is wired as standard with a 32” 14/3 SJT cord to a male GST connector to be used with OE’s pluggable GST system.
Available by special order wired with a NEMA 5-15 cord and plug.
A starter cord is required for GST option: 72” or 108” 14/3 SJT cord with female GST connector, NEMA plug, and Integral OCP standard.


As well as soft-wired power, POCO can accommodate soft wired data. Using high quality in-line couplers with interchangeable system leads (or punch down sockets for site installed data) data cables can be changed “on-site” to suit individual office desk layout.
Where keystone sockets are ordered, our unique range of keystone adapters allow data outlets to sit flush and be color coded for easy circuit identification.
All POCOs are supplied with cables exiting the rear. However, side exit facility is available on all vertical units through a snap-out endcap. Side exit choice can be taken on site and does not require disassembly of POCO


POCO is designed to allow brackets to be changed onsite. Unless stated otherwise, POCO can simply be moved (using the same bracket) or attached to another feature on the desk simply by changing the bracket

Quality and Testing:

All POCO units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% inspected before shipment

• Visual: Configuration and appearance
• Power sockets: Continuity, polarity, insulation & grounding
• TUF-R A+C 25W USB charger: Fully function tested, as well as 4 hour “full-load” soak tested”
• Data & AV: 100% continuity tested; all orders are batch tested for performance compliance

“we test every pin in every socket in every module”


cETLus Listed – UL962A/CSA22.2
International certifications available on request



Poco Datasheet

poco vertical installation instructions

poco horizontal installation instructions

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