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Libraries and Education

With power and charging solutions becoming more commonly available in hospitality and leisure venues such as coffee shops and restaurants, modern students are expecting the same technology in their learning environment as in their day-to-day lives.

Sharing Power

OE understands the demand for accessible power. Increasing amounts of people are choosing to work on their own devices, whether that’s at school, the library or a local restaurant: sharing power has become inescapable. Bring power to your interior furnishings, so your visitors never have to compete for power and charging solutions again.

Integrated Power

Our charging solutions are regularly integrated into soft seating furniture to ensure guests have easy access to convenient power and USB charging ports, even in more casual environments. Commonly used in lounge, foyer, lobby and other public areas.

Flexible Power

Locatable power allows for flexibility of location. When your visitors or students need power, they are able to move these free-standing units to a space convenient to them. Alternatively, these units can be fixed to the desired location or in some cases even fitted to furniture.

On Desk Power

Ideal for office areas, lecture halls, libraries, and classrooms – easily install power solutions to your existing workspace with our on desk units, perfect for either individual use or sharing. These units are customizable to feature a combination of AC sockets and USB charging with our best in class TUF A+C Type fast charger.

Locker Solutions

Discover OE’s locker solutions …

Power multiple locker cubbies with your choice of integrated power module and OE’s soft-corded pluggable system.

Explore more ways to power your day...

From the moment you wake up to when we go to bed, your day is powered by technology. We believe everyone should have the power to keep their day going. This is why we developed the OE product range to power people’s lives in offices, libraries, airports, and universities across the globe. Our in-surface, on-surface, under-surface, anywhere and wireless power solutions keep you powered where ever you are!

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