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Global Reach

With the ability to supply over 60 countries across the globe and a wide range of international outlet options across our product portfolio, OE can help power your furniture, no matter where business takes you.

We are a global supplier of electrical solutions for commercial furniture.

With the ability to supply over 60 countries across the globe and the coveted Queen’s Award for International Trade (2019) to our name, OE is well situated to help power your furniture, no matter where you decide to sell around the world.

Universal Design

OE products are designed with modular components. This gives you the flexibility to build units with foreign sockets if selling outside North America, and the finished product will look and work in the exact same way as a domestic unit, giving a consistent look to your furniture whether it is used in Miami, Milan or Melbourne.
NEMA sockets and TUF-R USB charging
Schuko (German) sockets and TUF-R USB charging
Australian sockets and TUF-R USB charging
Fused UK sockets and TUF-R USB charging

OE has been manufacturing products for the overseas market since 2002 and has built up an exhaustive catalog of foreign socket options. OE can support all socket types A thru N, providing your furniture with an electrical solution to over 60 countries around the world.

It is important to note that in addition to the ability to build product for so many different countries, there may be local electrical regulations and certifications that need to be acquired before being able to sell into certain countries. Over the last 20 years, OE has acquired many of these certifications for our customers and we now have certified product available for most major markets around the world including Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America, Australia/New Zealand and parts of Africa and Asia.

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Our global solutions are manufactured by our skilled team in the UK, so don’t expect super-long production lead times. The modular manufacture of our units means that given sufficient stock, we can build any nationality product within our standard lead time.

For further information on socket type, socket code, socket standard and socket certification for any nationality of socket, please contact us.

What opportunities await you outside North America?