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With power and charging solutions considered an essential requirement in modern office environments such as Conference Rooms, Work-Stations and Breakout Areas, staff are expecting technology that can power both their Work-Stations and personal devices

On Surface

PANDA is available with a one piece aluminium frame in one of 8 special paint colours with optional white sockets (UK BS1363 & TUF only) and is an essential for a work-station that needs a splash of colour. Specific RAL colours are available.

PULSE’s unique “floating” look is ideal for large scale international office’s needing a full range of desktop power and data connectivity. In addition, multiple bracket options allow PULSE to be fitted to desk tops, screens, tool/equipment rails and many other locations.

In Surface

A stylish solution for supplying user accessible AC power, USB charging, data and AV connections to the conference table. Not just stylish and functional but quick to install; PAGODA simply clamps to a standard 3″ (80mm) grommet hole. It’s high quality finish defines PAGODA; the single piece curved top available in brushed stainless steel.

PLUTO satisfies the growing need for easily accessible AC power sockets and USB charging in informal areas, with a unique combination of style and function. PLUTO can be securely clamped to a standard 3″ (80mm) desk grommet hole, screwed to any suitable surface, or supplied with side entry power cord and rubber feet for free standing use.

PEAK with its eye-catching “floating surface” design, is an elegant new approach for providing power and data connectivity in meeting tables. Available with either 6 or 8 sockets, PEAK can be configured with a wide range of International AC sockets, the class leading OE TUFA+C25W:Twin USB Fast charger and a range of Data.

Under Surface

PHASE is the ideal unit for providing convenient but discreet power, data and USB fast charging. With its innovative concealed mounting bracket and optional through back or through base cable entry, it is simple to install. Secure on desks, tables or even soft furnishings.

A single gang power module designed to provide convenient power or USB charging socket. The standard finish is white or black with black or grey sockets. As an extra cost option the socket bezel can be painted in a range of 8 vibrant colours or the RAL colour of your choice.

Panel Mounted

pixelTUF provides the ultimate user experience. With pixelTUF, form follows function. Clean, organic lines marry nicely with a compact, personal power product. pixelTUF’s unique design with sweeping organic curves ensures protection against liquid ingress.


PIP presents a single mains AC or USB charging socket (TUF) in a wide choice of decorative bezels, with style, colour and finish option to complement your interior design theme. Designed specifically for panel mounting in furniture, PIP fits into a standard 2″ (60mm) cable grommet opening and requires only 2″ (44mm) depth.

Agile Working

Agile working offers employees flexibility with minimal constraints. Offering charging points throughout a space gives the user freedom to move seamlessly between spaces whilst still being able to keep charged.

POSE is a solution to providing locatable power or USB charging socket in casual seating areas. The standard POSE consists of a tough single socket polycarbonate power module fitted to a flexible chrome gooseneck mounted to a weighted base. Special versions of POSE can also be supplied for mounting direct to furniture.

PELICAN is a flexible and convenient solution to bring power and USB charging to previously unpowered areas. Its contemporary looks and advanced technology allows users to charge their devices wherever they are. PELICAN’s stylish stable construction can easily be moved and positioned to suit the requirements of the situation.

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We offer custom solutions to assist clients with the designing and manufacturing of their own connectivity solutions. This is achieved not simply by reconfiguring existing products to suit a new application, but by creating completely new products designed for their sole use.

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From the moment you wake up to when we go to bed, your day is powered by technology. We believe everyone should have the power to keep their day going. This is why we developed the OE product range to power people’s lives in oces, libraries, airports, and universities across the globe. Our in-surface, on-surface, under-surface, anywhere and wireless power solutions keep you powered where ever you are!

This page represents just a small selection of what OE has to offer. We also offer custom solutions and always welcome feedback. More products can be found on the link below.

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