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Interconnected Solutions

Choose one of our recommended set-ups or design your own!  OE’s interconnected solutions offer the ideal comprehensive package of power, USB charging and scale management. Not to mention, with a choice of vibrant color options and your specification of mains power, USB Charging and data, we have a solution for every taste!

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Wireless charging

Bring OE’s wireless charging to your home office! We offer two of the fastest wireless chargers on the market to ensure that you can get a fast full charge or a quick boost when you need it most. Stylish and discreet meaning they will fit perfectly into the modern home office, breakout areas and living areas.

The ARC-H LD sub-surface wireless charger offers the ultimate charging experience. ARC-H LD is installed without the need to cut through the finished surface.

The unique magnetic alignment tool ensures the decal placement is correct every time. ARC-H fixes to the underside of your surface with screws or an adhesive pad.

ARC-H is one of the fastest sub-surface wireless chargers on the market providing a fast charge or quick boost when you need it most.

Personal power

We know working from home can be difficult when you are struggling to keep your devices charged all day. That’s why we provide personal power solutions guaranteed to ensure you are never stuck for power.

Compact, robust and unconstrained by convention, you will find PHASE with its innovative concealed mounting bracket, back or base cable entry. A discreet power solution perfect for mounting under or on surface.


pixelTUF enables the mobile worker to power a laptop at the same time as charging their mobile phone and tablet! Perfect for agile work environments, drop-in areas and lounge areas. pixelTUF is accessible from any angle and fits into a standard 3″ (80mm) grommet cut out without the need for tools. So compact you may even forget it’s there until you need it.

POSE can be manipulated into a suitable position for your charging needs. A unique solution to bring a single socket or twin USB to a convenient height – no more bending over or crawling around to find a socket.

POSE is a simple plug-n-play unit, with a standard mains cable and plug for a traditional wall socket or floor box.

PELICAN provides 3 sockets or 3 twin-USB ports, or any combination of the two, all on a single mains cable and plug. No need to worry whether the phone cable or laptop charger will reach the wall – PELICAN comes to you. Available in 35″ (900mm) height or 24″ (600mm) height to suit a variety of areas and uses, Pelican makes access to power easy to find and easy to use.

Collaborative power

We know that working from home doesn’t necessarily mean working alone. That’s why we’ve created our units perfect for sharing. Both yourself and members of your household can have access to power at the same time!

PLUTO offers 3 sockets or twin-USB ports so that multiple users can charge their devices simultaneously. Available in a variety of colours, prints or with your custom logo, PLUTO is designed to complement your interior.
There when you need it, hidden when you don’t. PANDORA offers 360 power allowing multiple users to charge their devices simultaneously. When not in use, the unit rotates to a closed position, showing nothing more than a bezel and a cover sitting almost flush with the surface of the table.

USB Charging

At OE, we provide you with charging solutions to enhance your home working experience. Battery anxiety can often distract you from working and we want to ensure that you are never stuck for power. All of our products are manufactured using TUF technology to ensure you can charge two devices at once.

Why TUF?

TUF-R® PD (25W) is our next generation USB fast charging module incorporating the latest Power Delivery technology and a world first reversible USB A port. The new TUF-R® PD (25W) USB charger enables mobile devices to charge at optimum speeds. For a low battery boost, a quick 10-minute charge is all that is needed to add around 20% for the latest phones. The A and C outlets have 3-4 supply voltages available depending on the device being charged. TUF’s Intelligent Device Recognition (IDR) ensures your device is charged at the optimal level in the shortest time.

What is USB-C?

Next generation USB connector significantly faster charge times than USB Type-A and often faster than wall charger Type-C is becoming the standard as Type-A is being phased out by manufacturers Already adopted in devices by Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Apple (MacBook) and more Lightning to Type-C cable available for iPhone & iPad (with faster charge times) Bi-directional for easy insertion – no more hassle and less chance of damage.

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From the moment you wake up to when we go to bed, your day is powered by technology. We believe everyone should have the power to keep their day going. This is why we developed the OE product range to power people’s lives in offices, libraries, airports, and universities across the globe. Our in-surface, on-surface, under-surface, anywhere and wireless power solutions keep you powered where ever you are!

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