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What is QIKDOC?

QIKDOC is a docking station for QIKPAC CARRY. There are two versions of QIKDOC depending on your application:

This dock is connected to the electrical features of the furniture. An example would be the motor for a heightadjustable table. When a QIKPAC CARRY is “docked” with QIKDOC CONNECT, the battery within the QIKPAC CARRY powers the height-adjustable table. It can also power user-facing USB outlets such as OE’s PICCOLO high-power USB module.

When QIKPAC CARRY is specified with OE’s TUF HP USB charger, there may not be a need to connect to further outlets, but there may still be a need to secure the QIKPAC CARRY while it is in use. QIKDOC Locate is mounted into furniture to provide a secure docking location for QIKPAC CARRY to avoid damage from accidentally knocking it onto the floor.

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