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Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, England

The new Davison building at Royal Holloway University was built to represent the future of the library. This innovative space was designed to meet the needs of students, not just present, but for years to come. 

Royal holloway davison building

The Davison Building

what products were included?




Power unit.
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Power unit.
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In surface power unit.  
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about this project

The library space is central to the building; a space for students to study, research, learn and relax – all in an inspiring setting. OE Electrics provided all in-desk and on-desk power/USB solutions throughout the building. PLUTO is used at the benching stations where students can bring their own devices (BYOD) and keep them charged throughout the day as they work.  

Every computer station is accompanied by a PIXEL unit, allowing students to charge their phones and tablets while working at the computer. The Café on the Square features not only an in-house Starbucks, but also several PHASE units, providing accessible power and USB charging outlets for a battery-boost alongside a caffeine-boost. 

“There are no unused areas. From the open benching to the more private booths, every piece of furniture is used and loved by the students.”

Julian King, Senior Project Manager of Estates Development for Royal Holloway University

All units comprise an OE Electrics patented TUF (Twin USB Fast-Charging) outlet and a standard power outlet, providing students the flexibility to fast-charge their mobile devices and charge their laptops at the same time. 

The furniture was specified by Broadstock Office Furniture to compliment the building design and meet the requirements of the library. Each piece does just that and every area of the library building functions as desired.