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How long do QIKPACs take to charge?

The QIKFIT Power Supply Unit (PSU) is rated at 70W. To calculate the time to charge, simply divide the usable capacity of the battery (200Wh by the power of the Power Supply Unit (70W):

1 x QIKPAC 200Wh = (200/70) Approx. 3 hours – although this is moderated to 5-6 hours (see below)
2 x QIKPAC 400Wh = (400/70) Approx. 5-6 hours
3 x QIKPAC 600Wh = (600/70) Approx. 8-9 hours
We recommend a maximum of 3 QIKPAC batteries per PSU.
Note: We limit the charge to a single battery to ensure its longevity. Charging lithium ion batteries too fast is also a causation factor for short lifespans

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