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What is the QIKPAC CARRY?

QIKPAC CARRY takes the QIKPAC battery and combines it with a convenient carry case for the user. The result is a stylish, portable battery pack that can be carried around by the user. QIKPAC CARRY can be specified with or without a TUF HP high-power USB charger. With TUF HP included, the user has access to a USB-A and USB-C port to keep laptops and other devices charged in areas without access to traditional power (e.g. outdoor areas.) QIKPAC CARRY with or without TUF HP can be combined with QIKDOC CONNECT to power pieces of furniture such as height-adjustable tables. QIKPAC CARRY charges in the same way as the QIKPAC battery either with OE’s QIKPAC Charger Base or by using the QIKPAC Connecting Shoe if building your own charging cart.

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QIKPAC CARRY battery in black

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