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TUF-R®/HP is our latest generation Power Delivery module. TUF-R®/HP is designed for High Power items, so it allows you to charge your laptop, phone or tablet quickly and easily via USB-C.

High Power USB Charging

Discover the freedom of charging your devices anywhere without the inconvenience of bringing a chunky laptop power brick with you. All you need to power your devices is the wire – you can even charge a laptop with TUF HP.

60W Laptop Charging via USB-C

Intelligent USB Type C with Power Delivery

Reversible USB-A + USB-C 

Patented Replaceable USB cartridge

Internal overload protection

Integrates into most OE units


PICCOLO incorporates TUF-HP; our latest evolution in high power USB charging. When combined with our QF30 power supply, PICCOLO provides up to 60W through the USB-C port, allowing for laptop charging, and up to 12W fast charge through the USB-A port; perfect for phones and tablets.


With its small form factor, QF TUF-R®/HP is perfect to integrating into furniture. When combined with our 70W Power Supply Unit QF TUF-R®/HP offers up to 60W delivery from the USB-C, ideal for laptops, and up to 12W from the USB-A which is ideal for phones and tablets.

QF TUF-R®/HP also integrates perfectly with QIKTRAY.

42mm TUF-R/HP

Our patented round 42mm TUF-R®/HP fits into all OE Electrics’ existing units and when combined with our external Power Supply Unit, will offer up to 60W delivery from the USB-C ideal for laptops, and up to 12W from the USB-A which is ideal for phones and tablets.

QF30 Power Supply Unit

QF30 Power Supply Unit (PSU) is a compact modular inline AC-DC power supply designed as the ideal partner for our new TUF-R/HP range of USB charging modules. With its 30V DC output QF30 PSU can also be used for charging compatible battery packs  (coming soon!) 

GST18 AC power in/out connectors allow full compatibility with OE GST starter and interconnect cords so that it can be incorporated into a complete solution.

Internal Power Supply Unit

The 42mm internal PSU converts 240V/110V AC supply to 24V DC supply providing 60W of power. The internal PSU can be installed directly into all but a few existing OE units allowing for High Power USB charging but with only one entry cable.

How will you integrate High Power TUF

Mount TUF/HP on a single workstation for discreet high-power USB charging while you work or power a whole auditorium of devices by integrating TUF/HP into the seating. Your imagination is the limit.

Conference Tables

We’ve all been there; a conference table full of people, their laptops, AND their cables running over the table or snaking across the floor. QikFit  TUF-R®/HP charger allows users to charge their laptop, phone, or both without the need for those big AC power adapters. Delivering up to 72W in total, QF  TUF-R®/HP provides enough power to charge whatever you plugin.

A single lead from a 15A mains power socket can power multiple QF PSUs which in turn, power each PICCOLO DC USB Charger. It’s also possible to add through-surface wireless chargers to the SINGLE lead circuit. Ask for details on our conference desk DELEGATE KIT.

Sit-Stand Workstation

Sit-Stand desks are becoming more necessary within the workplace. By integrating our QF PSU and TUF-R®/HP, it’s possible to power not only your laptop and wireless phone charger but also the desk’s height adjustment. Ultimately, making the workspace infinitely more flexible and reducing the cables to the floor to one! 

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