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How do you charge a QIKPAC battery?

QIKPAC batteries are charged by connecting them to an ANIMATE Power Supply Unit (PSU). A PSU can be mounted in the furniture with the QIKPAC battery/batteries, in which case a user would simply connect a removable power cord to the furniture to charge the QIKPAC(s)(e.g. overnight). In this way, all the ANIMATE components can be permanently fitted in the furniture without the need to remove them to charge. Alternatively, QIKPAC batteries can be charged on a QIKPAC Charger Base, remote from the furniture. This requires the user to remove the battery from the furniture and take it to a charging station. OE’s proprietary QIKPAC Removal Tool would be required to extract the battery. Or, in the case of QIKPAC CARRY (see p.7), return the portable carry pack to the charger base. A third option for an OEM is to take OE’s proprietary Charging Shoe and build your own charging base. QIKPAC batteries would charge in the same way as OE’s QIKPAC Charger Base.

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