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Teesside University

OE has been working with Teesside University to bring mobile device charging solutions to their refurbished lecture theatre at the heart of their campus.

It was important to the university that these charging solutions were conveniently located throughout the theatre, but without taking up too much of the writing surface of the furniture, providing students with plenty of space for their laptops and writing materials.


Teesside University 

what products were included?


In desk power unit.  CLICK HERE for more information. 

about this project

Teesside specified OE Electrics’ PixelTUF units, which comprise a UK socket plus USB-A and USB-C to charge all devices from smartphones to laptops. Every new student at the university is issued an iPad when they begin their studies, so providing USB charging in all the units ensures these tablets can charge at their optimum speed, particularly via the USB-C outlet.

Multiple PixelTUF units were placed strategically into each section of the lecture theatre furniture to ensure all students could easily access the outlets, regardless of where they were seated. Each unit was then cable managed to hide the connecting cables and allow a clean aesthetic throughout.

An initial concern of the university was putting electrical solutions in an upward surface as they were weary of spillages causing damage or health & safety concerns. PixelTUF was chosen because it has an angled fascia to prevent liquid ingress and therefore fully complies with BS6396 for electrical safety in education furniture.

The new lecture theatre opened for the start of the 2019/2020 school year with positive feedback from both staff and students.

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