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Approved CPD Seminar:

Are you designing with Technology in Mind?

OE Electrics offers a RIBA-accredited CPD presentation entitled: Are You Designing with Technology in Mind? This CPD presentation falls into the RIBA Core Curriculum of Design, Construction & Technology.

What will you learn?

This CPD is designed to provide architects and interior designers with a thorough understanding of device charging solutions for commercial and educational settings and how advances in USB charging in particular will continue to impact office use and therefore office design. It will help you to understand the following topics:

  • Understand the importance of portable devices in today’s workplace/learning environment
  • Understand best practices for specifying device charging solutions
  • Understand electrical safety
  • Understand how to utilise USB as a safe, universal charging solution in design
  • Understand where technology is heading and visualise the future of portable device charging in tomorrow’s workplace/learning environment


Where is it?

We can come to your offices or you can come to ours!


45mins + Q&A


Joe Prendergast, Market Insight Consultant


What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a mandatory requirement for architects, and offers professionals the chance to stay up-to-date and competent in their role at work, to learn new things and to acquire new skills.

Happy to help

If you are a commercial architect or interior designer interested in accumulating valuable CPD points (and valuable design knowledge!) please contact us at To view our page on the RIBA CPD website please visit: 

Booking and more information

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