• 3 power solutions in one compact unit
  • International AC socket options
  • 25W A+C USB charging
  • 10W ARC wireless charging


In order to meet the growing need for easily accessible mobile device charging our new PixelARC combines a mains AC socket, together with USB charging and wireless charging in one compact unit.

PixelARC’s integral TUF 25W A+C USB charger can fast charge up to two mobile devices, at the same time as wirelessly charging a Qi compatible phone on the 10W ARC wireless pad and a laptop via the AC socket. PixelARC is thus an ideal 3 in 1 power solution for providing convenient mobile device charging in breakout areas, meeting rooms, hotels and cafes and many other interior locations.

PixelARC can be specified with a wide range of international power socket options, including UK fused to aid compliance with BS6396. Installing PixelARC is quick and simple, requiring just a standard a 80mm grommet aperture and a nearby below surface AC socket outlet.


Technical Info


Populate PIXELTUF with:

– 42mm power socket of your choice

– TUF A+C 25W USB charger

– 10W ARC wireless charger module


Any single data or AV cable up to 9mm diameter via data knockout

Wireless Specifications

Output power: 10W Max (DC5V 1A / 9V 1.1A)

Input power: 15W Max (DC5V 2A / 9V 1.67A)

Standby power: 0.45W

Charging Z-distance: 0 – .3” (0-8mm) (coil to coil)

Surface cutout: 3.15” (80mm)

Certification: Qi certified, FCC part 15

In the box: PixelARC, USB-A to Micro-USB cable (wireless module can be powered up to 10W from a standard USB type A outlet or power adapter sold separately)

Power and Cord

Wired standard with a 32” cord (14/3 SJT) to a male GST connector to be used with OE’s pluggable GST system and is available by special order wired with a NEMA 5-15 cord and plug. The GSTlead option requires a starter cord: 72” or 108” cord with female GST connector, NEMA plug, and Integral OCP standard. PIXELARC module connects via the supplied 6’ (2m) USB A cable and requires an external 9Vdc supply sold separately.

Cable management

PixelARC incorporates a convenient integral attachment point for OE’s Pathfinder wire manager standard


Housing: black or white

Socket fascia: black or gray (NEMA TR sockets – black only)


PixelARC fits into an industry standard 3.15” (80mm) grommet hole. Simply remove the clamp ring, feed the cables through the opening and orient the unit and tighten the clamp ring. Compatible with surfaces .04”(1mm) to 1.57” (40mm)

Unit Dimensions:

Quality & Testing

All PIXELARC units are manufactured using ISO9001

quality controlled components and practices, and are

100% tested before shipment

• Visual: Configuration and appearance

• Power sockets: Continuity, polarity, insulation & ground

• TUF A+C 25W USB charger: Fully function tested, as well as 4 hour “full-load” soak tested”

• Data & AV: 100% continuity tested; all orders are batch tested for performance compliance

“we test every pin in every socket in every module”


cETLus – UL962A / CSA22.2

International certifications available upon request.


Download Datasheet

Installation Instructions

Retrofit Installation Instructions