Introducing QF PORT

Add USB charging and Data/AV to your furniture in a snap with QF PORT. Rising only 3mm (.12″) above the surface, PORT’s near flush design makes it a discreet, practical solution. PORT offers convenient data connectivity or laptop charging capabilities when configured with our A+C USB module TUF-R HP.  

Available in a white or black textured finish.

Have it your way.

Choose from an array of data and AV options and our QF05 TUF-R HP USB for fuss-free 60W laptop charging via USB-C. 

QF PORT offers a neat housing for OE’s smart QF05 modular components. Configure QF PORT with your choice combination of 2 x components from OE’s modular QF05 range in a neat package.

Simple Installation

Designed to install in an industry standard 80mm (3.15″) diameter opening, QF PORT provides a simple means to power and/or data connectivity in a wide range of furniture.

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