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Stackable & Scalable power/data cable management solutions
Compatible with PATHFINDER, POWERBOX, and QF5 snap in data/AV frames
Built in mounts for quick installation

QIKTRAY cable basket offers a unique combination of features: speed of installation, versatility, aesthetics, strength, and reconfigurability unlike anything seen before in a cable management system.

QIKTRAY has been engineered to interface with several OE products; the sum of which are greater than its parts. Create sturdy multitier solutions in seconds without tools, snap in QikFit data/AV components, snap in Powerbox to add power, and add Pathfinder for cable management. Voila! You have a full-service desk power/data/cable management system!

These features, combined with the built-in mounting brackets, make QIKTRAY the only basket to use when versatility and durability are as important as speed of installation.

QIKTRAY is simply the smartest basket on the market: ‘less is so much more’.

Technical Info

Available Lengths:

• 23.62” (600mm) two mounting points
• 35.43” (900mm) two mounting points


• Double tier – Single baskets are stackable to create a sturdy double tier system without external brackets.
• Back to back – Single baskets can be used back to back for extra capacity where depth is an issues. This is particularly useful on sit/stand desks.

Speed of Installation:

Designed to allow compatible power, data and AV accessories to ‘snap’ directly into the face of the wire basket without the need for extra clips, panels, or adapters. Whether you prefer to assemble a full run prior to mounting or install one desk at a time QikTray makes installation a snap.


Simple “click in/click out” installations allows fast and easy on site reconfiguring.

Flexibility and strength:

Engineered with a combination of 0.12” (3mm) & 0.15” (4mm) square wire to ensure strength and rigidity as well as the flexibility required for power, data, and AV installations.

Cost effective:

Used in single, back to back, end to end, or stacked two high configurations QikTray’s built in fixing clips & compatible snap in components means no additional brackets, clips or panels are required.


Engineered to interface with other OE systems QikTray easily mates to Pathfinder Umbilical Mounting Bracket for a seamless floor to desk cable management solution. Add Powerbox for a full power solution and OE’s QF5 snap in keystone data/AV frames for a full cable management, power and data solution.


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QikTray Datasheet

QikTray Installation Instructions