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What is USB-C?

USB-C (also referred to as USB Type C) is the most recent USB for delivering power and data developed by USB-IF (USB Implementers’ Forum). This new technology is being adopted by many well known manufacturers such as Belkin, Apple, Samsung and Dell. With USB-C modern devices and computers are able to become thinner, lighter and smaller than ever before! USB-C connectors and sockets are symmetrical, so they can be plugged in either way!

Our TUF 25W twin USB fast charger combines USB-A & USB-C to charge both new and legacy devices! The new TUF-R® A+C USB charger offers different supply voltages depending on the device being charged. When a device is plugged into either the Type A or Type C socket a digital ‘handshake’ takes place allowing the TUF to charge the device at the optimum level.


USB-C is not only backwards compatible (with the correct adaptor), it also supports Thunderbolt 3, which can (in theory) push data speeds to a limit of 40Gbps.

Easy to use

It’s reversible! No more struggling and turning the socket over as USB-C can be plugged in either way!


USB-C is smaller than previous versions of USB allowing thinner and smaller devices and laptops.


One day sharing cables will be the norm as more manufacturers are embracing USB-C.

USB-C Frequently Asked Questions

USB-C is smaller with curved edges and looks very similar to Micro B USB.

USB-C can transmit both power and data in a single cable. The power and data can flow in both directions through the cable therefore leaving you able to transfer data from your phone to your laptop while charging your phone.

USB-C is not only easier to use with it being reversible but its also universal. In addition it is super fast, with more power and USB-C can can deliver Ultra HD 4K video resolution to USB-C and HDMI displays!

USB Power Delivery (PD for short) is a universal single charging standard which in the future will be used for most USB devices. Devices will no longer need separate adapters as USB PD will be able to charge the majority. Standard power levels have the potential to increase up to 100W leading to a faster charge especially for things like laptops. Although to get the full potential; only USB-C to Lightning or USB-C to C cables are capable of PD technology. To get up to 100W of power you will need an Electronically Marked Cable (EMCA).

European regulations called for a standard connector as landfills are full of redundant cables. The new technology that comes with USB-C is future-proofing for environmental reasons and we at OE Electrics are committed being a more circular company and with this in mind our TUF-R® PD (25W) twin USB fast charger is replaceable and upgradeable!

TUF-R® PD (25W)

OE Electrics’ TUF-R® PD (25W) is our next generation USB fast charging module incorporating the latest Power Delivery technology and a world first reversible USB A port.

The new TUF-R® PD (25W) USB charger enables mobile devices to charge at optimum speeds. For a low battery boost, a quick 10-minute charge is all that is needed to add around 20% for the latest phones.

The A and C outlets have 3-4 supply voltages available depending on the device being charged. TUF’s Intelligent Device Recognition (IDR) ensures your device is charged at the optimal level in the shortest time.


PIP presents a single OE Electrics mains AC or TUF-R® PD (25W) twin USB fast charging socket in a wide choice of decorative bezels, with style, colour and finish option to perfectly complement your interior design theme.

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Great looks, simple installation and a choice of power sockets, our TUF-R® PD (25W) twin USB fast charging, and data/AV connectivity makes PANDORA perfectly suited to meeting tables, informal break out areas, and and hotels.
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PLY is available in both vertical 2 gang and horizontal 3 gang versions, with a choice of international AC power sockets, our class leading TUF-R® PD (25W) twin USB fast charging plus data and Audio Visual sockets.