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The Colours of Geneva Airport

Designed around the colours of West Switzerland’s tourist attractions, Geneva Airport cleverly uses colour to define individual space functions. The newly refurbished Geneva Airport terminals treat passengers to vibrant and visually engaging spaces, lined with comfortable seating which is provisioned with the convenience of device charging at almost every seat.

A bank of seats in Geneva Airport. The seats are green, and have TUF chargers built into them.

Geneva Airport – A Celebration of Colour

what products were included?


In Surface power unit, CLICK HERE for more information. 

about this project

While waiting for flights, passengers are able to charge their devices on one of the many PLANET power modules capable of charging up to 5 devices each.  Based on the popular PLUTO power module, PLANET provides 3 socket outlets that can be configured with any combination of power and USB charging points.

A bank of seats in a waiting area at Geneva airport. The seats are Yellow and have PLUTO built into them.
A bank of seats in Geneva Airport. The seats are blue and have PLUTO built into them

Built with sustainability in mind Geneva Airport is powered by solar panels with the entire building designed to be energy positive, an impressive feat considering the myriad of activities, shops, and the number of PLANET power modules available.

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Photography: OE Elsafe

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