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The Colors of Geneva Airport

Designed around the colors of west Switzerland’s tourist attractions, Geneva Airport cleverly uses color to identify the function of different spaces within the terminals. 

The refurbished terminals at Geneva Airport treat passengers to vibrant and visually engaging spaces, with plenty of comfortable seating at each gate. Among the seats sit OE’s distinctive Pluto product offering multiple socket and TUF USB outlets for travellers to charge their devices pre-flight. 

A bank of seats in Geneva Airport. The seats are green, and have TUF chargers built into them.

Geneva Airport – A Celebration of Color

what products were included?


In Surface power unit, CLICK HERE for more information. 

about this project

OE’s TUF USB module has become a staple in airports around the world. The patented replaceable USB canister means the USB ports can be replaced in minutes if they are damaged – a cost effective and convenient feature in heavy-traffic areas like airport terminals. 

A bank of seats in a waiting area at Geneva airport. The seats are Yellow and have PLUTO built into them.
A bank of seats in Geneva Airport. The seats are blue and have PLUTO built into them

The replaceable TUF means less downtime of the seats to fix any damage, in turn improving guest experience. It also means less product ending up in landfill. According to the UN Environment Programme, less than 20% of e-waste is recycled*, so the ability to repair, rather than replace any damage is a huge advantage.  

This sustainable element of Pluto aligns with Geneva Airport’s sustainability goals. Thanks to 7,000m2 of solar panels and other energy saving elements, the entire building is designed to be energy positive – an impressive feat considering its size and the 94 shops, restaurants, and services within the terminal building. 

Photography: OE Elsafe

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