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Direct Line Group

One of the UK’s leading insurers, Direct Line Group (DLG) makes up a family of well-known insurance companies including Direct Line, Churchill, Green Flag and more. A recent re-brand offered DLG the opportunity to refurbish their offices to re-align with the group’s ideals and provide a welcoming, productive environment that fostered communication and collaboration.


Direct Line Group 

what products were included?


On desk power unit.  CLICK HERE for more information. 

about this project

With over 11,000 employees in the UK, DLG embarked on an ambitious three-year project to upgrade their real estate to support their employees, starting with The Wharf – one of two Leeds-based offices housing around 900 employees

DLG partnered with furniture professionals Bisley and opted for a workspace that would support flexible working and hot-desking. Each of the 600 desks supplied by Bisley to The Wharf incorporates an OE PolarICE unit to ensure employees have access to convenient power no matter which desk they choose to use.