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What is QIKDOC?

What is QIKDOC? QIKDOC is a docking station for QIKPAC CARRY. There are two versions of QIKDOC depending on your application: QIKDOC CONNECT This dock is connected to the electrical features of the furniture. An example would be the motor for a heightadjustable table. When a QIKPAC CARRY is “docked” with QIKDOC CONNECT, the battery […]

Do you accept returns of QIKPAC batteries?

Do you accept returns of QIKPAC batteries? OE does accept returns of unopened QIKPAC batteries to our Virginia facility. The return shipping cost will be chargeable to the customer and there will be a 25% restocking fee. It is a legislated requirement for transporting Lithium Ion batteries that they be packaged in UN certified packaging […]