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1 | Agile Working

Wireless charging with OE promotes ‘Agile Working’ – offering employees flexibility with minimal constraints.  Having wireless charging points throughout a space allows the freedom to move seamlessly between spaces whilst still being able to keep charged.

2 | Reduce Battery Anxiety

Convenient access to power, as they are no longer tied to sockets, reduces ‘battery anxiety’ amongst employees and allows them to concentrate more about the work at hand which results in an increase in productivity.

3 | Clean Desk Policy

Charging without wires allows employees to adhere to a clean desk policy and reduces the amount of damaged cables the company or employees go through.


4 | Future Proofing

More household phone brands are offering wireless charging as part of their new models so offering wireless charging in the workplace ensures that you are future proofing the way your workforce charge their devices.


5 | Furniture Integration

With furniture integration possible for wireless charging, employees can have power wherever and whenever they need it the most.


6 | Shared Charging Areas

‘Shared charging areas’ such as meeting rooms or breakout areas are the main environments where employees can often struggle to keep connected; without wireless charging there’s no need for employees to travel to and from their desks to keep their devices charged. This can result in a more focused and productive workforce.