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What is the lifespan of a QIKPAC battery?

QIKPAC batteries are designed to have a lifespan between 5 & 10 years. Commonly with cell phones, Li-ion batteries are allowed to drain to 0% from a top charge of 100%. As such they will exhibit a decay in power storage after only 500 charge cycles or approximately 18-24 months with regular use (as may be your experience with cell phones.) They still store power, just with a shortened run time. By limiting the extremes of the charge state of Li-ion batteries, OE has increased the lifespan (the number of charge cycles before they exhibit storage loss) exponentially. As such, QIKPAC batteries are pre-programmed to shut down at 10% and charge only to 90%. This minimal limitation (to 200Wh usable energy) extends the lifespan of the battery more than fivefold – beyond 5 years (with 70-80% of the initial capacity remaining) and potentially to 10 years depending on charge frequency before a noticeable degradation of storage capacity. Each QIKPAC battery also has an on-board battery management system (BMS), which controls charge and discharge speed further improving the lifespan of each battery. One example of this is that a single battery charging time is extended ensure battery longevity.

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