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HiP awards

The HiP awards are awarded by Interior Design Magazine to honor and recognise industry people and products at NeoCon Exhibition in Chicago. Although, this year NeoCon was cancelled due to the Global Pandemic, the awards went ahead.


Our brand new unit PLY won in the Technology category of the HiP awards and caught the judges imagination with its use of natural wood body and distinctive shape. PLY can be clamped on to tables and desks and be supplier with standard recepticles and an award winning USB charger: TUF-R. TUF-R is the only replacable USB charger in the world and the patented technology allows damaged chargers to be replaced on site without the need for an electrician or even switching off the power! 

PLY’s natural construction lends itself to todays trend of bringing the outside in and is avaliable in both Apline White and Fenix Bromo Grigio (dark grey) with American recepticals and or an choice of international recepticals for those over seas clients.


ARC H is the world’s first FCC approved sub surface wireless charger. 

The ARC-H sub surface wireless charger offers the ultimate in charging convenience. Designed for surfaces 0.78 – 1.18” (20-30mm) thick, ARC-H install without the need to cut through the finished surface.
With 10W of charging power, ARC-H is one of the fastest sub surface wireless chargers on the market, convenient for a quick boost or full charge when you need it most.

You can find out all about ARC-H LD click here.