Simplifying Electrics: Get the FREE Guide

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OE's PHASE unit mounted under seating for convenient and discreet power and USB charging.

Adding power to your furniture can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be…

You’ve designed the perfect furniture, now you need the perfect power solution…

At OE, we want to make life as simple as possible for our furniture partners when specifying power, so we’ve created this FREE 5-part email series called ‘Simplifying Electrics’.

The series tackles:

  • Electrics 101
  • What electrics can I put in my furniture?
  • 3 questions that will make your customers love you
  • How to choose the BEST product for your furniture
  • 5 steps to make your furniture come alive

If you’re ready to take your electrics game to the next level,  sign up now below!

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