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Mobile Power


QIKPAC CARRY is a commercial-grade portable battery bank to power up laptops, cell phones, tablets and other mobile electronic devices.

With two high power USB-C ports all you need is a USB-C charging cable!

Designed to be mobile:

  • Weighs just 3.5 lbs
  • Easy to carry around
  • Carry, dock into furniture or hook it up.

Flexible carrying handle.


LED Battery status panel


Replaceable high-power TUF USB charging

How does it work?

QIKPAC CARRY uses Lithium Ion (Li Ion) battery technology, the same technology that is used in cordless vacuums, cordless drills and electric vehicles power up your mobile devices including cell phones, tablets, laptops and more!

Charge your cell phone from 0 to 50% in 30 mins

0% 50%



With up to two high power USB-C charging ports for a combined 150W output, QIKPAC CARRY can charge two laptops simultaneously.

LAPTOP ONE (after 1hr)
0% 75%
LAPTOP TWO (after 1hr)
0% 75%

What does it power?

With 200Wh of useable battery power, QIKPAC CARRY is capable of powering, in one charge cycle, up to…







Under normal use each QIKPAC battery is capable of an estimated 1,500 charge cycles with 70% capacity remaining. This estimate is dependant on the type of load and usage.

Protect your investment

OE’s philosophy is repair over replace. QIKPAC CARRY features OE’s patented ‘TUF’ twin-USB fast charger. The TUF module can be exchanged if the USB ports are damaged, rather than replacing the entire battery. This gives the unit a longer life and creates a cost saving for the customer, as well as being good for the environment.

Powering Furniture

QIKPAC CARRY is more than a standalone power bank.

Sure, it can be used to charge laptops, tablets and cell phones on the go, but its superpower lies in its ability to power furniture accessories such as monitors, height-adjustable table motors, LED lighting and more. 

Combine QIKPAC CARRY with QIKDOC to bring cordless power to furniture such as:

    • Meeting/conference tables without access to mains power
    • Mobile height-adjustable tables
    • Training tables
    • Soft seating without access to mains power
    •  and more…

How many QIKPAC CARRYs do I need?

QIKPAC CARRY boasts 200Wh of usable battery power. Depending on how you use QIKPAC CARRY. What is will power and for how long will determine the length of time before recharging.  

Calculate how many QIKPAC CARRYs would be required for your project using our Battery Calculator below…

When do I need to recharge QIKPAC CARRY?

QIKPAC CARRY’s LED panel indicates battery status when the LED shows red it is ready to be recharged. 

QIKPAC CARRY has* its own Battery Management System that continuously monitors the health and ‘comfort’ of the battery to extend its potential lifespan to 5+ years (1,500 charge cycles).

*QIKPAC has a capacity of 240wh, but in order to increase the longevity and health of the battery the battery management system only allows 200wh to be used.


Charging QIKPAC CARRY is  simple. Choose from our QIKPAC CHARGER BASE or CHARGING CART and simple place QIKPAC CARRY down on one of the charging shoes to recharge. 

  • Charger Bases are available in sets of 3 in black or white
  • Charger Bases can be banked together for more charging capacity

Charging times*

  • 1-2 QIKPAC CARRY: 5-8 hours
  • 3 + QIKPAC CARRY: 9-11 hours

* Charge time from 0% to 100%. Charge times will be faster if the QIKPAC CARRY is put on to the QIKPAC CHARGER BASE when it already has some remaining charge.


  • Charging Carts are available in a 12-battery or 24-battery version
  • All charger options are powered with a single mains AC power cord

Charging times*

  • 12 QIKPAC CARRY: 9-11 hours
  • 24 QIKPAC CARRY: 9-11 hours

* Charge time from 0% to 100%. Charge times will be faster if the QIKPAC CARRY is put on to the QIKPAC CHARGER BASE when it already has some remaining charge.

secure your cables

With our neat cable lock option, secure your cables to QIKPAC CARRY – ideal for use in public areas and shared spaces. 

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something else in mind?

The components that make up the QIKPAC CARRY are part of our ANIMATE system and can be sold separately to create bespoke systems built to suit your space or furniture. 

Check out our ADVANCED guide on how we can help you create a unique battery powered experience. 

A / / All-day mobile power needs to be easy to carry. QIKPAC CARRY includes a comfortable and strong handle made from TPE rubber for simple grab-n-go power.

The 240Wh battery gives the user an additional 20 hours of laptop use, 50 hours tablet use and 200 hours of cell phone use.

B // A simple press of the orange control button illuminates the LED panel to show charge status. These LED indicators also communicate several other features such as charge status, charge completion and identify fault modes.

C // QIKPAC CARRY features OE’s patented ‘TUF’ twin-USB fast charger. TUF provides two high power USB-C charging ports for a combined 150W output to charge two laptops simultaneously. Or use a single USB-C port for a massive 100W max power output.

looking for something more advance?

Go beyond portable power, integrate battery technology into your furniture …

A charge cycle is a term commonly used with battery-powered devices to describe running the battery to flat and then re-charging to 100%.

Lithium-ion batteries lose capacity over time. The life of a Li Ion battery is calculated by the amount of charge cycles possible before the battery capacity drops below a certain percentage.

Many cell phones suggest a lifespan of 500 charge cycles before capacity drops below 70%. If you charge your cell phone overnight every night, you’ll notice it doesn’t hold as much charge after about 18 -24 months.

QIKPAC CARRY boasts up to 1,500 charge cycles before capacity drops below 70%. This is equivalent to 5 years when estimating a single charge cycle per day.

Each QIKPAC CARRY uses a proprietary battery management system (BMS) which controls charge rates, balances the Li Ion cells, and continuously monitors for:
• Temperature Fluctuations
• Over/Under Voltage
• Over/Under Current

For more information on QIKPAC battery safety & quality features, click here.

While consumer focused power banks boast about super-fast recharge times, QIKPAC CARRY is a commercial-grade product designed for long-life commercial use.

When lithium ion cells are recharged too fast, it degrades the lithium cells and shortens battery life. This trade-off is fine for consumer use, but QIKPAC CARRY is designed to last as long as commercial furniture.

The built-in battery management system (BMS) in each QIKPAC CARRY actively limits charge rates to protect the lithium cells and significantly extend the lifespan of the battery.