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Most people are anxious to fly. The couple of hours before your flight after check-in can be a particularly stressful and nerve-wracking time. Add to this the possibility of delays, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a sense of calm or Zen. 

London Stanstead airport

London Stansted

Airport designers take this into consideration when proposing new terminal design concepts. Keeping passengers comfortable during delays by providing adequate seating can be a big help in mitigating any tension. And providing enough power outlets to keep passenger devices charged is now an essential feature, with more flyers using e-tickets on smartphones rather than a printed alternative. 

This was a major consideration at London Stansted Airport. As part of their £600 million Stansted Transformation Project, the airport opened three new seating areas featuring furniture by airport terminal seating specialists Green Furniture Concept. 

The Swedish manufacturer installed their acclaimed Nova C seating, which provides seating for over 1,000 passengers in the main Departure Lounge – a seating capacity increase of 40%. 

Among the seats are 436 OE TUF  USB charging ports offering a combination of USB-C and USB-A. 

The USB-C port allows passengers to charge their devices much quicker, meaning more battery life by the time they board their flight.  

TUF is designed for a high-usage public space, such as an airport terminal. Along with the durable USB ports designed for a high volume of insertion rates, the USB cartridge is replaceable, so any damaged USB outlets can be replaced quickly and easily by airport staff – without having to turn off the power to the entire seating section.