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Is ANIMATE easy to install?

ANIMATE refers to a system of components that when combined can power your furniture and bring it to life, whether mobile or fixed, allowing people to charge their mobile devices anywhere.
  • Electrically, it is a complete “Plug and Play” system, requiring little or no electrical training and tool-less installation.
  • Physically, the QIKFIT-style modules are all “Press and Click” installed (without tools) into a single style letterbox cutout 1.63” (41.5mm) wide, in .04” – .12” (1 – 3mm) thick material (although we have many adapters to mount it into thicker materials such as wood, laminate or other materials if required).
  • The ARC chargers either need a simple 3.15” (80mm) hole for through surface tool-less installation or have adhesive pads (with optional screw mounting) for the sub-surface ARC-H chargers. Within the ANIMATE range, there are: Mains Socket Modules (5 international socket styles: UK Fused, UK Unfused, Swiss, Schuko, French/Belgian & Australian), USB Charging Modules, Power Supply Modules, Battery Modules and Wireless Chargers – all of which can be installed without tools into their respective cutouts. But these are just part of a bigger QIKFIT range of products. By simply extending the length of the 41.5mm letterbox cutout, more ANIMATE modules can be fitted in-line with each other, to provide an extremely space-efficient solution.
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