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Can I use QIKPAC batteries in soft furnishings – will it get hot?

The QIKPAC battery has been tested to the safety standards set out for Lithium Ion batteries and to comply with the limits set for them in terms of heat dissipation. Their use within soft furnishings has been tested and approved for use in this application.
The Power Supply Unit (PSU), when working, and the QIKPAC Battery, when charging, will get warm (max 122F degrees). Please ensure that air can circulate the majority of their surfaces, rather than having insulation touching all their outer surfaces completely.
Our recommendation is that they are not installed in a completely insulated manner and only within flame retardant material (such as those used in the manufacture of reputable and standards-compliant furniture). As an added safety feature, all ANIMATE components also have temperatures sensors (including the batteries) to ensure that they do not overheat and so if something were to become hot, it would simply lower its output or shut down until cooler.
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