pixel mountable AC power

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PIXEL’s clean organic lines are the perfect complement for today’s work environments. Effortlessly blending into agile offices, libraries lecture theaters, airports, hotels, and more.

  • Stylish organic lines
  • Raised fascia protects against liquid ingress
  • Fits a standard 3.15” (80mm) grommet hole
  • Shallow mounting depth
  • Choice of AC power sockets, TUF-R A+C 25W USB charger
  • Data and AV connection options

Accessible from any angle, PIXEL fits into a standard 3.15” (80mm) grommet without the need for tools and can be mounted horizontally or vertically into tables and seating alike.

PIXEL’s unique design with sweeping organic curves ensures protection against liquid ingress as required by UL962A.

Technical Info


Populate PIXEL with:

– 42mm power socket, or
– TUF-R A+ C 25W USB charger
Two data/AV connections are available within the housing if needed.

Power and cord:

PIXEL is wired as standard with a 32” 14/3 SJT cord to a male GST connector to be used with OE’s pluggable GST system.
Available by special order wired with a NEMA 5-15 cord and plug.
A starter cord is required for GST option: 72” or 108” 14/3 SJT cord with female GST connector, NEMA plug, and Integral OCP standard.

Cable Management:

PIXEL incorporates a convenient integral attachment point for OE’s Pathfinder umbilical, as standard


As well as soft-wired power, PIXEL can accommodate soft wired data. Using our in-line couplers, data cables can be changed “on-site” to accommodate changes in length often associated with churn. Where keystone sockets are used, our unique color-coded range of adapters allow keystone sockets to be fitted ‘flush’.


PIXEL fits into an industry standard 3.15” (80mm) grommet hole. Simply remove the clamp ring, feed the cables through the grommet, and slide the Pixel into place. Orient the Pixel and screw the clamp ring. Compatible with surfaces .04” (1mm) to 1.57” (40mm).


Housing: black or white
Socket fascia: black or gray (NEMA TR sockets – black only)
Trim ring: silver
Custom-8 specialty colors available on rings

Quality and Testing:

All PIXEL units are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices, and are 100% tested before shipment

• Visual: Configuration and appearance
• Power sockets: Continuity, polarity, insulation & ground
• Data & AV: 100% continuity tested; all orders are batch tested for performance compliance

“we test every pin in every socket in every module”


cETLus – UL962A / CSA22.2
International certifications available upon request.



Pixel Datasheet

Pixel installation instructions

Pixel Sell Sheet

Pixel 3D Model

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