Cable-Snake® CUBE

Designed for sit/stand desks
Innovative “Gecko” magnets hold fast and relocate easily
2 channel compact design
Durable tread resistant links
Alternative desk/floor mountings

Cable-Snake® CUBE with its 2D/3D flex system and unique Gecko kit option is the ideal vertical cable management solution for sit-stand office desks. The compact and elegant twin compartment CUBE umbilical enables efficient management and segregation of power and data cables from floor box to desktop and integrates seamlessly with Easy Clamp and Pathway.  The Easy Zip system enables cables to be quickly inserted into and removed from CUBE without the need for a special tool.

The CUBE 2D section is optimized for ergonomic furniture such as height-adjustable desks so that it unrolls automatically in one plane only, just like a caterpillar track.  Optional 3D sections then provide cable management and protection across the floor to power and data sockets.

For the ultimate sit-stand desk solution specify the CUBE Gecko kit, its integrated magnets and steel rod enabling quick tool-free attachment to the desk leg, and optional flexible 3D flexible sections managing cables up to the floor box.