Arc80 in surface wireless charger

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ARC80 from OE Electrics offers the latest generation in wireless charging, providing a clean and convenient way to charge your phone. Our  in surface wireless charger is specifically designed to work with both Samsung 10W and Apple 7.5W charging modes in addition to the older 5W charge.

  • 10 Watts of charging power
  • Qi-certified
  • Fast charge or a quick boost
  • Unique, simple clamp mount (.08 – 1.38” (2-35mm))
  • Supports Samsung 10W and Apple 7.5W fast charge
    F.O.D. detection


Simply rest your wireless compatible phone* on the ARC80 wireless charger for a FAST CONVENIENT CHARGE. With up to 10W of charging power ARC80 is one of the fastest wireless chargers available. Perfect for either a fast full charge or a quick boost when you need it most.

Simple to install, ARC80 fits perfectly into an industry-standard 3.15”(80mm) grommet hole in surfaces up to 1.38”(35mm). The convenient and simple clamping nut makes securing the ARC80 easy, and additional screws can be fitted as a theft deterrent.

Available in white or black, ARC80 uses the most advanced wireless charging technology charging your phone without cables.

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Technical Info

Part Numbers:


ARC80 – Black center with a black anodized aluminum rim


ARC80 – White center with a silver anodized aluminum rim


15W USB Power Adapter (sold separately)

Output power:
10 W Max (DC5V 1A / 9V 1.1A)

Input power:
15 W Max (DC5V 2A / 9V 1.67A)

Standby power:
0.45 W

Charging Z distance:
0 – .3” (0-8mm) (coil to coil)

Desk thickness:
.08 – 1.38” (2-35mm)
Reversible mounting collar for .08”-.71” (2-18mm) and .71”-1.38” (18-35mm)

FCC part 15

Housing materials:
Anodized aluminum

In the box:
ARC80 wireless charger, Mounting Tool and USB-A to Micro-USB cable
(ARC80 can be powered up to 10W from a standard USB Type-A outlet)



arc80 Cutout


The reversible mounting collar can be used to accommodate desk thicknesses from .08”-.71” (2-18mm) in position A, and .71”-1.38” (18-35mm) in position B.

Place ARC80 into an Ø3.15” (80mm)cut-out, and tighten the mounting collar by hand in the position best suited to the thickness of your surface.


ARC80 Datasheet

ARC80 Installation Instructions

ARC80 Sell Sheet

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