Case Studies

PwC Manchester


The office space has been designed to provide a variety of choice, to break down barriers, hierarchies and physical separations between teams and to provide total flexibility with a choice of different work settings for the way PwC works now and in the future. The office has also been designed with our clients in mind and includes convenient client workspaces that can be used by clients when visiting PwC or when they are between meetings in the city centre.

Special attention has also been given to reflect the true spirit of Manchester which can be seen in the color schemes and the internal design features to create an office that puts Manchester at its heart first and the PwC brand second – you will see references to the Manchester Bee, Graphene, iconic buildings and music venues in the city.

A cross-office and cross-grade steering group have worked together for the past two years, canvassing the opinions and requirements of all staff, making sure that everyone’s voice has been heard and most importantly, working together with the design team to create an amazing space that is fit for the future and will facilitate continued growth.

OE were privileged to provide a number of power and data distribution solutions for PwC, including Pluto, Pose, Phase, and PixelTUF; all in custom colours to compliment the space’s color scheme and internal design. We were delighted to see Pluto, usually an on-desk unit, mounted beneath a table; proof that our customers are just as innovative as our products!

“Our people have led the development of the office and we’ve worked very closely with the developers to design an office that breaks new ground in many ways.  The office focuses on allowing our people and clients to work flexibly, utilising technology to ensure we can work together effectively.  Co-working space for our clients reflects the demands of our clients to work together closely with their strategic advisors.”

Iwan Griffith PwC’s North West regional chairman