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Access to power and charging solutions is essential in a range of applications, including training tables. We can also help with complete solutions for end-to-end support through your project or work with our design team for a custom solution.

PHASE is an exciting concept that is ideal for providing convenient but discreet power, data and USB Fast charging in or under training tables amongst many other locations. Compact, robust and unconstrained by convention, you will find PHASE with its innovative concealed mounting bracket and through back or through base cable entry options, simple to securely install on desks, tables and soft furnishings.

A unique single gang power module designed to provide the user with a conveniently locatable power or USB charging socket. The standard pendulum finish is white or black “sparked finish” polycarbonate with black or grey sockets. As an extra cost option the socket bezel can be painted in a range of 8 vibrant colours or the RAL colour of your choice.

ARC80 allows your space to breathe; freeing you of annoying cables and giving you the convenience to charge your phone quickly and effectively. Perfect for the office, casual seating areas, libraries and cafes, ARC80 uses the latest wireless charging technology, to provide you with wireless power whenever you need it.

ARC-H is designed for the easiest of installations, simply fix to the underside of the surface with the screws supplied. The decal is then placed on the surface using the unique magnet alignment method. A simple decal is all that is required to guide placement of mobiles on the surface.

PANDORA is an exciting solution from OE for providing power and USB charging in training tables. Fitting neatly into a 128mm+ grommet hole with a near flush profile when closed, PANDORA rotates open to provide 360° socket access.

PLUTO satisfies the growing need for easily accessible AC power sockets and USB charging in informal areas, with a unique combination of style and function. Perfectly suited to breakout areas, smaller meeting rooms and coffee tables, in offices, hotels, and other public spaces – PLUTO makes sharing power a pleasure.

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From the moment you wake up to when we go to bed, your day is powered by technology. We believe everyone should have the power to keep their day going. This is why we developed the OE product range to power people’s lives in offices, libraries, airports, and universities across the globe. Our in-surface, on-surface, under-surface, anywhere and wireless power solutions keep you powered where ever you are!

This page represents just a small selection of what OE has to offer. We also offer custom solutions and always welcome feedback. More products can be found on the link below.

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